YP rides

Cheshire Valley Express

On Fri I rode with several Thu-Fri riders including Chuck the pres of Yankee Pedalers.  He had the cue/map for Sun's ride and forwarded it to me.  176 Red Stone Hill was on the route which was developed by a Sound Cyclist.  It's kind of far from the ocean for them to come.

The ride today started in Hamden, 30 mi away from my home by the route sheet and 25 mi coming back.  I estimated 15mph to the start of the ride and set my alarm for 6:00.  After a good breakfast I was on the road at 8:08.  At 62F in the morning shade, it was just a little chilly.  Since it was supposed to be 70F at 10, I skipped arm warmers.

I ran into a little traffic for 8:30 mass at a church on Flanders Rd.  It was quiet the rest of the way except for a couple of mi on CT10.  The route went south along the base of the mountain near Rogers Orchards, Meriden Peak, and Sleeping Giant.  On the back road by Sleeping Giant I had to pass a tractor as the farmer went from one field to another.  While I could have cut over to the bike path instead of CT10, I thought I'd give CT10 a try since it was early.  I averaged about 16, getting me there within min of 10.  They usually leave about 10 min late, so I didn't worry.

Most of the usual suspects were on the ride: Vin, Chuck, Parker, Tony among others who have been on the Yankee Pedaler VT Labor Day weekends.  Of the 30 riders about ten of us rode together going along the base of the mountain range that's just west of Lake Compounce.  Unfortunately the road has lots of potholes, etc.  We went by the one time home of the alleged killer of Dr Petit's wife and two girls, a block from the Petit home which the murders set on fire (it was later grazed) and a block from Petit's parents home, the former Norton mansion on Red Stone Hill.

Since I had ridden fairly hard, when I got to the base of Red Stone Hill, Bristol, I started my cool down but no one passed me.  A rider behind dropped a chain at the stop sign before the hill.  I shouted "oil well left" just before passing the home that has the oil well pump, several old cars, an outdoor telephone booth, and an gas pump with a glass globe.  I didn't realize I was alone until the top of Red Stone Hill when I saw just one other rider.  I rode home, telling him I lived off to the left.  I changed into shorts and sandals, got my coffee and sat in a green chair as the riders came by.  Maureen came by with six or eight others and asked if that was Pete's car.  I shouted YES and everyone looked by way and waved back.  I believe saw everyone including the woman who was last by a lot.