Tucson 2008

Vin on Cactus Rd

Vin near the start of Cactus Rd, that lies in Saguaro National Monument East.  Looking towards the NE, the Catalina Mtns are on the left and the Rincon Mtns on the right.  The Catalilna Mtns are on the north side of Tucson, the Rincons on the east, the Santa Rita on the south, and the Tucsons on the west.  You can see all these mtns from Cactus Rd which is a large loop whose east side is at the base of the Rincon Mtns.

Vin and I started from the house we rented near the university riding in the bike/bus lane on Broadway.  We turned onto Old Spanish Trail to start on one of the classic Tucson rides - a loop down to Pistol Hill or Colossal Cave.  The ride will include the Cactus Road loop which is a must do ride.